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Ears and Hearing

Dizziness and balance

The inner ear plays an important role in the mechanism of balance, and alteration of this mechanism can result in a spinning sensation, known as vertigo. Vertigo may be the result of a variety of causes, including a viral infection or displacement of some of the structures of the inner ear. If vertigo is a persistent issue, you should seek medical evaluation to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

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Dizziness problems in the Tampa Bay

Ear Infection Service in Tampa Bay

Ear infections

Otitis media refers to an infection located behind the ear drum and usually results in pain, pressure and decreased hearing. Proper treatment is necessary to prevent damage to the middle ear and/or ear drum. Recurrent infections are common in children and may be alleviated with the placement of tubes through the ear drum. Otitis externa refers to an infection of the skin of the ear canal and usually results in irritation, drainage and decreased hearing. Proper treatment usually includes removal of debris from the canal by an ENT and is essential to prevent spread of the infection to the surrounding skin and bone.

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Hearing loss

Hearing loss may be caused by damage to the hearing nerve or by alteration of the structures that transmit the signal to the nerve. Hearing loss may be temporary or permanent, depending on its cause. An audiogram, or hearing test, can help to pinpoint the degree and cause of the hearing loss. This test can often be performed in our office and reviewed by the physician during the same visit.

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Hearing Loss Service in the Tampa Bay

Tinnitis in the Tampa Bay

Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing)

Tinnitus refers to a ringing or buzzing noise heard in one or both ears. This is usually the result of damage to the hearing nerve and may result from a variety of different causes, including noise trauma, nerve degeneration, viral infection or medications. In most cases, a hearing test should be performed to evaluate for a possible effect on hearing. In certain cases, further investigation or testing may be necessary.

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